Free Opencart Software

Free Opencart Software for OpenCart v.1.5.6.x Versions !
Latest OC v. Version:
The Bases of all my Doings!

latest OC FULL DEFAULT Release Candidat, updated last by jamesallsup

latest OpenShop v. Design Details:
Technical OpenCart LIGHT v.1.5.6.x Info and important Tools and Helpers

OpenShop free responsive Theme:
A ‘few-file only’ easy responsive Theme, widely based on the DEFAULT setup!
OC Bootstrap - Opencart Bootstrap 3 Theme:
Just about perfect free Source to a real ‘responsive’ Theme!
More free responsive OC v.1.5.6.x Themes:

For those, looking for a free COMPLETE SHOP Installation, consisting of a responsive Theme,
based on OC v. and pm-netti’s famous OC-2 Theme+OcMod  Extension, click here:
OpenCart Edge:free

MaxD’s great OpenShop-Extension for OC 1.5.6.x:
The Genuine latest OpenShop v.1.7.1 Admin Extension! Includes some
fine Tools like VqMod TWEAKS, a lot of VqModded Functions, Filters and Add-On’s,
the MySql-Buddy, a remote-admin help Function, and MANY other Goddies.
Unfortunately, the great massive Admin eXtplorer File-Editor needs an Upgrade, to work,
to seemengly match later PHP Versions !
OC Language Editor:
another well done Language Editor.
Enhanced htaccess file:
my latest personally used and enhanced .htaccess file.
Cache Remover:
a MUST to have!
CKEditor Full:
Full size cKeditor Tool for v.1.5.6.x
The legendary VqMod Manager Tool for v.1.5.6.x
Ernie's Tweaks VqMod Manager:
Famous MaxD’s Tweaks Admin Tool, slightly shrinked and modified.
Image of latest Version:
Includes Temporary Remote Admin Shop Access Function!
PHP File Tool to set all Shop File Permissions to 0644 and folder permissions
to 0755, it also cleans out the Cache Sections! It lots of cached images exist,
click it multiple times.


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